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How adding a juice bar elevated my enterprise
Thursday, 11 November 2010
How adding a juice bar elevated my enterprise
Like anybody just starting out in the food service industry, I was concerned about 1 factor - consumers. Thanks to a lackluster economy, my restaurant wasn't seating many folks throughout the day despite its trendy location. My food was excellent, but it would go to waste without somebody around to eat it. The marketing and advertising which I poured cash into didn't assist - and when promotion isn't the answer, something else has to change. I necessary some thing to really set me apart from the competition, becoming 1 of five cafes in town. So this is what I did - I bought an automatic juicer.
Of the couple of dozen restaurants and cafes in my area, I became the initial to provide a fully functional juice bar. I began serving freshly squeezed seasonal fruits and vegetable juices every day. Once I had something fresh and new to promote, clients weren't too far behind. Now each morning when we open at 10am, there is a line at the door. I firmly believe that including a industrial juicer to my cafe was the proper issue to do. The high quality of juice obtained from an orange juice extractor is not the exact same as what is mass-produced and sold in stores. It has a freshness, a vibrancy that truly puts an additional kick into your step.
I was sitting in my living room thinking "what new angle" to try out for my cafe, when I heard a cable news story on the National Cancer Institute's recommendation for Americans to add much more fruits and vegetables into their diets. The majority of individuals living in the United States do not get the 4-5 servings required to appreciate wholesome lives. Well, I thought, what's simpler than not even having to consume fruits and greens? Consuming them! My next move could only be to move a juice bar into my restaurant.
The essential thing is that the juice is freshly squeezed. I have to tension this. Nobody will go to your restaurant for store-purchased juice. There's no point in it. Fruits and greens lose most of their vitamin and mineral content material within two hours after juicing, and currently being stuffed into cartons and then pasteurized only further lowers the nutritional subject material. Only when consumed proper away does freshly squeezed juice (like that which I supply my customers from a commercial juicer) burst with life and energy. The phytochemicals and enzymes discovered naturally in fresh fruit and vegetable juice stop numerous cancers and imbalances in the body.
It's been six months now and I have had clients tell me that if I ever storage my automatic juicer or stop serving freshly squeezed juice in general, they will never come back. Older customers have told me that after just a month of regularly drinking freshly squeezed juice, they're feeling younger and a lot more energetic. And to top it off, I've enjoyed a 70% improve in profit. I'm not up late anymore wondering if I'll have to cut corners to keep my cafe running. Even in a poor economy, you can run a profitable company. I learned it's about ingenuity, and currently being 1 step ahead of everybody else. I have to inform you how grateful I am that the only factor I required to do to improve my cafe's popularity and my net income was buy an automatic juicer.

Posted by felipe6snow at 10:30 PM EST
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